When we first began making and selling pipes in the pre-recreational era, we were so terrified of getting in trouble that we shied away from calling our creations 'pipes.' We needed some kind of euphemism. A truthful, accurate one. 

'Connectors,' we first called them. Miwak Junior Ceramic Connectors, as the effect of their intended ritual is connection. Perhaps to oneself, or to other people. The act of smoking plants outdoors: a small ritual to connect one to nature. Our design echoes this connection to nature through organic shape, texture, and material.

Now we bring you a ceramic nature-connector with a new functionality:

The Miwa Vase. A shallow, ikebana-style vase for arranging flowers. 

Practicing ikebana is a meditative dialogue with nature, as one focuses on what emerges rather than what is planned.

Basic ikebana structure is 3 points of a scalene triangle, signifying heaven, earth, and community. Miwa vases are slip-cast in stoneware clay (a.k.a earth), and available in either Yuki (‘snow’) or Sora (‘sky’).  And measuring at a mere 2” tall, the Miwa also connects community, because she’s perfect for short arrangements that don’t block faces at the dinner table.

Whether you're connecting with nature by arranging flowers, or smoking them at the table with loved ones, we have the minimalist vessel for you. 

Ikebana arrangements by Kristin Dickson-Okuda of Iko Iko

Photography by Letitia Younger


April 30, 2019