If there were a Venn diagram of circles signifying comedy, cannabis, and The Chosen People, our event on April 20, 2019 would fall smack dab where all three overlap. 

PUFF PUFF PASSOVER was an infused, Seinfeld-themed Passover Seder dinner in which guests puffed on Miwak Junior pipes when it was time to do the puffing part. 

Guests also read aloud from The Yada Yada Haggadah, a hilarious retelling of the Passover story through a parody episode of Seinfeld, written by humorist Dave Cowen.  Shy guys didn't have to fret if they didn't want to read. Although as you may imagine, it was an *incredibly* enthusiastic and warm audience for those who did.

Zoom in on the photo to check out the evening's menu by chef Danielle Steckler of Paper Palate 

Our host, Cannavore Supper, put together a sponsor crew of friends and favorites.  Old Pal providing the cooking herbs, Calivolve, the CBD chocolates. Another MVP was Satbhajan the Cocktail Cook, a seasoned funmaker who concocted fresh cocktails with Madre Mezcal and ONDA CBD oil.

Though we ourselves are not members of the actual chosen Tribe, to you all, may we say, 'L'Chaim.' 


April 25, 2019