Followers of High Times watched us make pipes and smoke from them, too, in our ramshackle treehouse studio during 4:20 Live. 

It was must-see IG for plant enthusiasts, ceramics enthusiasts, synthesizer enthusiasts, as well as accent enthusiasts, because Sebastian and Alice both have distinct ones that get more pronounced as they turn up. 

Sebastian told a story in his accent about ordering the 'Phototron' from the back of High Times Magazine in the 80's, which was a huge contraption meant to help one grow herbs at home. He pooled some investors and ordered it, and one of their fathers picked it up for them while working in the U.S., bringing it home to Chile without asking what it was.

But Sebastian said they could never wait for a proper harvest from the Phototron. The second any tiny sprout or spring popped up, they'd immediately try to smoke it. 

How High Times have changed for us all. 

April 30, 2019