It's nearly Valentine's Eve!

If our business was a reality show, I'd be talking into the proverbial confession cam right now, saying, "We usually don't make holiday marketing deadlines because we're not good at business just generally speaking, but this year we simply have VDay motherf*!king spirit."

And it's not because we're sexy or anything. On the contrary,

Miwak Junior is the art project of a heteronormative, cisgendered, married couple.

...what the hell do we know about romance?

Plus, one of the biggest all-time crocks of genuine BS in this man's world is that you need to be in a pair to be happy. 

NO, we're all up in Valentine's day this year because we have tons of these new Outsider one-of-a-kind beauts, a number of them very Valentinesy. 

Two of our Social Creatures are on deep D; order tonight or tomorrow and we'll ship USPS Priority 2Day on us to get there by the big V.

Party in the name of loving yourself,

Miwak Junior's folks

February 08, 2019