Hey there, fastidious smoker. ⠀

It’s your ceramic pipe friends over at Miwak Junior with an infomercial just for you. ⠀
Nothing like a clean pull off a fresh pipe, is there? ⠀

But when gnarly, toxic glass cleaners were all we could find – definitely not a friend to our ceramic pipes – we got defeated and bummed; a key stage in our glacially-paced product development process. But then formulating wizardress Primary Elements came along and healed our hearts by creating a special cleanser just for us, and suffice to say, homegirl went off:⠀


A super-concentrated, non-toxic, plant-based cleaning solution made here in LA, free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, or preservatives – and full of limonene, a powerful antimicrobial and aromatic terpene commonly found in citrus peels as well as energizing strains of cannabis. ⠀

You’ll likely want to bathe with it; but instead, dilute in a spray bottle for a multitude of household uses - think kitchen and bathroom, specifically, but wait a minute!

HEY! ⠀

Let’s all make a psychedelic infomercial together! Can you imagine music? Costumes? Pipe and Wash Testimonials?! It’d be so fun. 

Thank you for being you, @primary.elements and thank you @mangroves__ for taking these images! 

November 12, 2019