making art to benefit Friends Of Mt Washington School

Our designer Sebastian is not only a ceramicist but a master printmaker, as well. 

Sebastian lent his artistry and craftsmanship to the young minds of Mount Washington Elementary, creating a collaborative silk-screened print called 'One Mountain.'

From the Friends of Mt Washington site: 

"Mentored by artist-in-residence and accomplished Chilean fine printmaker and sculptor, Sebastian Boher, Ms. Krumal's 2nd grade class mused on what it means to grow up together in the mountain village they share. Process included in-class brainstorms on the concept of "community," multiple lessons on silkscreening technique, 100+ hand-drawn student illustrations, and a special workshop with local artist Jeff Hughes at his studio Visual Contrast, which specializes in the production of fine art, artist collaborations, and exhibitions.

The final, all-inclusive work is a pair of Mt.Washington-inspired three-color silkscreen prints featuring key village ingredients meaningful to and rendered by each of the 27 student artists. Framed by Frame Monster and printed on French Rives BFK 100% cotton acid free archival paper, these truly collaborative prints can be sold and paired as a dyptic, or sold and hung separately."

Here are a few shots of Sebastian helping the students create, taken by Courtney Fitzgerald. 

teaching screenprintingTeaching the kiddos to screenprint

We believe the children are our futuremaking art with Sebastian

April 25, 2019