We hired our first employee.

Her name is Mo. She’s a Gemini, first of all, and I love Geminis. Then she tells me she’s also a twin. That’s like ultimate Gemini. I asked her if she would be triggered by working closely with a bickering couple, and she was like, ‘No way, I’m a twin.’ So I then I thought, now this is some meant to be shit. She’s fresh out of Loyola Marymount with a major in Communications and a double minor in Womens Studies and Graphic Design; I mean, could you create a better preparatory curriculum for working at Miwak Junior if you tried? No. Plus she can silkscreen.

(We’re going to offer t-shirts soon. Sebastian has dreamed of making and selling t-shirts since he was a young boy in Chile. It’s a strange, awfully humble dream if you ask me, but a sincere one: he has Moleskines full of perfect, hand-drawn t-shirt outlines filled with fanciful graphic worlds. However, I digress. The point is, Mo can silkscreen.)

It’s like we were Jane and Michael Banks from MARY POPPINS – Wanted: A Whippersnapper for two Doddering Spouses – and we listed everything we needed and then Mo magically rolled up. Except we could’ve never written that list in the first place because we don't know what the hell we need. We’re both full-blown artists with only soft skills to guide us; we need motherfucking HELP, is what we need.

All we knew for sure is that we needed smart and kind and honest and enthusiastic and gentle and we got it all in Mo.

Welcome to the team, Mo! 

jane and michael banks mary poppins nanny


August 21, 2018