Recently added to our one-of-a-kind series of Outsiders,


...named for the projected experimental town in central Arizona.  

We visited Arcosanti on our road trip home to Los Angeles after vending at the Trans-Pecos Festival in Marfa, Texas at the impossibly winsome El Cosmico.

After such a partyful time, I somehow got it in my eternally-hopeful-for-a-party mind that we’d be getting to hang with the radical residents, perhaps in the Arcosanti saloon, hearing radical ideas, doing shots. I pictured us with a bunch of "smart people,"  singing around a stand-up piano. 

This did not come to pass.

 Instead we spent the evening laid up on a thin sponge mattress whisper-fighting over this one Arcosanti coffee table book in the utter silence of the full moon night. 

Perhaps the residents of Arcosanti have more intellectual fish to fry.

To the bosses of Arcosanti, I say: your town is a dream of possibility and an inspiring model for the future, etcetera, etcetera. But may I suggest a lounge space, and may I also suggest including this blue porcelain beauty within its confines?

What good are all y'all's brilliant ideas if there's no festive gathering place in which to share them?

March 01, 2019