Our terpene-infused pipe washes are made responsibly in California, exclusively for Miwak Junior in biodegradable, plant-based formulas.

There’s nothing like a clean smoke from a fresh pipe, is there?

But when toxic glass-cleaning products were all we could find (definitely not a friend to our porous ceramic pipes), we knew we had to get to work.

Together with the formulation masters at Primary Elements, we set out to create a cleaning product that was way more our vibe.

The result is a SUPER-concentrated, plant-based solution that’s free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, and preservatives — and full of the powerful antimicrobial and aromatic terpenes commonly found in some of our favorite strains of cannabis.

Wait, what’s a terpene?

Glad you asked! Terpenes are organic compounds obtained from plants which provide unique bouquets of scents. Terpenes are also highly effective when used in cleaning solutions.

Damn. This smells good. Is it just for pipes? Can I use it as a body wash? What else can I use it for?

Our Terpene Wash surely smells delicious, but it was formulated specifically to clean ash and resin from glass and ceramic pipes, not for people or pets. 

That said, there’s little else that can’t be cleaned with this stuff.  Just make sure you always spot-test your dilution and start small.

Here's a handy reference for different dilutions:


To hand wash dishes, dilute two tablespoons Terpene Wash with eight ounces of water in a pump bottle. Not for use in a dishwasher.


Put pipe in a small bowl. Add one teaspoon of Terpene Wash to the bowl and top with eight ounces of steaming hot water. Allow to soak for an hour (or longer for tougher jobs). Scrub outside with dish sponge. Rinse throughly and air dry in the sun.


Dilute one teaspoon Terpene Wash to one quart water in a spray bottle. Use to clean surfaces throughout the household, including: countertops, stovetop, glass, bathtub, mirrors, and tile.


To hand wash a cloth face mask or other small item, add one teaspoon Terpene Wash to a gallon of the hottest water the fabric (and your hands) can tolerate. Give the mask a good scrub for thirty seconds. Let soak for ten minutes, then scrub before rinsing. Lay flat in the sun to dry.